YAS QUEEN Energy Pack

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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This is the pack for our Queens who have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. An elevation from our chakra pack - this Energy Pack raises you vibration ensuring nothing but legendary moments, good vibes and a whole lot of love flow your way. 

Your Energy Pack includes:

Red Tigers Eye: Like the legendary Eye of the Tiger - representing the fire inside us all. This crystal is your go to when you need a little energetic uplift. She is setting the new standards of how to love yourself even more. 

Aura Orange Quartz - Clear Quartz on steroids. She is tapping into the centre of your vision of yourself, uplifting, uniting and creating great energy. When you're feeling great, you spread good vibes all around - and that is what this gurl is all about. 

 Orange Calcite - Sunshine in crystal form. She is "never gonna to give you up, never gonna let you down".

Ruby in fuschite - This angel is all about approaching life with passion and a sense of fun. Fushite is referred to the fairy stone for more than one reason. She is the the last dance at night, the giggles in the car ride home. The love that we all have around us. 

Aura Indigo Quartz - if you've ever struggled with self expression, fear no more. This gurl is going to amplify your connection to spirit guides, and yourself. No longer will you fumble though your wish list - you will demand it like the Queen you are.

Blue Fluorite - Sometimes, even a Queen needs to focus on the road ahead and this blue fluorite is here to set you on the right path, never wavering. 

Aura Rose Quartz - A dash of amplified love never hurt anyone. You have to truly love yourself like the queen you are, before you can love anyone else.