The Royal Energy Pack

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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This pack is for our royal babes. The ones who love blue, good vibes and even better people, for our Queens as you will. 

Our ROYAL BLUE pack contains some of our favourite blue crystals, curated too lift your energy to royalty status. 

Angelite - this soft blue babe is here to melt away fears and anxiety 

Blue Crackle Quartz - the master communicator. Use this to speak your truth, and work your way to the top. 

Amazonite with Smoky quartz inclusions - this little pat on the back crystal brings fortune and soothing vibes with it. She will protect you while you express yourself safely. 

Lapiz Lazuli - A blight blue babe full of creativity and flowing energy. Use her to navigate lifes up and downs with ease. 

Amethyst - a little bit of "Om" for your day

Lepidolite - When you need to play diplomat, this is your crystal. The stone of peace and stability.