The Self-Growth Pack

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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This pack is all about stepping into the better version of you. It’s about accepting your strengths and flaws and being brave enough to work on these.

This pack combines all elements of  protection, 

Green Aventurine – The stone of opportunity. Keep this with you as an aid to recognise and jump on chances or signs leading you to new outcomes. 

Rose Quartz – Love in all its forms. Keep it with you to bring your vibe to one which the universe responds the most to. 

Lapiz Lazul - The Stone of Connection.  Acknowledge the connection with yourself and the work in which you live in. 

Obsidian -  The  Stone of Protection. Keep this with you to deflect negative energy, vibrations and general feelings  that  don’t serve you well. 

Labradorite – The stone of transformation, giving you courage to move from one stage in life to the next. 

Petrified Wood -  Embodies the spirit of all things on earth. Asking you to connect with all things that have existed on earth. 

Tourmilinated Quartz - A strong ally on your spiritual journey, it acts as a good luck charm, removes negative energy and clears the mind for a renewed sense of clarity.