Reclaim your Power

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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This Energy Pack is all about stepping into the best version of you, standing up to the haters and reclaiming your power. 

A mix of grounding, cleansing and loving energies, the "Reclaim your Power" energy pack is perfect to use during morning or evening rituals, re-setting your energy for the day/night and moving on with grace, a full heart and the energy of a god. 

The Reclaim your power pack includes; 

Selenite - the ultimate cleansing stone. Rub this in your palms to physically re-set your energy. Imagine sending the energies you no longer want out and away, thanking it for the lessons learnt. 

Rose Quartz - The "Love Yo Self" crystal. She will make sure your heart is full and grateful. Being grateful is the best way to reclaim your authenticity and turn into what makes you beautiful and unique. 

Mookite - Tuning into the flow of life. A touch of gounding energy, a touch of lightness, the agility to work with what life throw at you. Perfect for the ups and downs. 

CItrine - Sunshine and happiness in your pocket. Keep this one on hand at all times to increase vitality and bring you a sunny disposition. 

Labradorite - This crystals is the one you need to take the leap of faith into the best version of you. She is the stone of transition, your crystal mentor. Her flashes of colour reminding you that we all have the capacity to transform. 

Aquamarine - Keeping your mind clear during turmoil, this soft gentle stone is about finding happiness and joy in the moment you're in.