Rainforest Jasper Tumbled Stone - The Earth Connecting Stone

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Connection | Change | Joy 

As the name suggest, Rainforest Jasper is all about the your personal connection to Mother Nature, Mamma Gaia or the Earth. It is a beautiiful stone when going though periods of change, and works to connect you to all living beings.  This beauty, with its stunning green hue invokes the heart chakra to spread love and joy everywhere you go. It lets you know that thourgh you, beautiful earthly vibrations flows.  This stone bring joy, happiness and calm with it. If you can't get into the rainforest, why not carry the rainforest with you? This is a wonderful stone for children or young people as it ignites their curiosity. If you are an eco-warrior, this stone should play a part in your collection for its ability to enhance your earthly connection.  

Orign: Western Australia 

Colour: Green with pockets of quartz, feldspar and nepholite