Organic Shaped Extra Large Selenite Bowl - The Cleansing Stone

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Style: Wave #1


Liquid Light | Recharge | High Vibration 

One of the most important crystal to have in your collection because it doesn’t need to be recharged. It will always operate with the same high vibration and energetic power. Due to it’s ability to cleanse and dispel negative energy, it’s great to use to also recharge yourself and other crystals. It’s great in unblocking stagnant energy and to align the chakras to give your mind, body and soul the boost it needs. 


Each bowl has a unique organic shape leaning itself towards the natural beauty of the stone. They will be chosen intuitively. 

Origin: Brazil

Colour: Clear white

Approximate Size:

Wave #1: 26cm long, 13cm Width,, 840grams 

Wave #2: 26cm long, 14cm width, 810gms

Kidney #1: 25cm long, 15cm Width, 928gms

Kidney #2: 27cm long, 13cm Width, 870gms

Cloud #1: 26cm long, 17cm Width, 995gms

Cloud #2: 27cm long, 16cm Width, 930gms

Cloud #3: 25cm long, 15cm Width, 1.08kg

Oval #1: 27cm long, 16cm Width, 1.05kg