The Grief and Loss Pack

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Transition | New Beginnings | Positive Lessons 

Grief is part of the process of loss, it encompasses different stages which look and feel different to each of us. This  set is specifically designed to re-align your belief in yourself, in love and the to find beauty in the world again. 

Your Set includes; 

Obsidian – This grounding stone will help you find strength, safety and self-empowerment. 

Lepidolite – Helps the mind re-organise old patterns and behaviours. It brings with it a welcome sense of wholeness. 

Pink Opal – Unlocks your heart and brings calming tranquillity to the emotional body. Wonderful for break ups and long distance relationships. 

Clear Quartz – Works with your memory and helps you focus on the lessons learnt and their positive outcomes.

 Moonstone – The stone of new beginnings and inner growth. Like the moon, it reminds us that life too has stages. It carries a subtle calming energy with it. 

Blue Quartz- The Stone of. Self expresssion,  helping you to express feeling and release them, clearings pace for new possibilities. 

 Ukanite- The. Heaart healing s tone. Reminiding you that you are connected and  loved.