Extra Large Pink Amethyst Tower A108

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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High Vibration | Crown Chakra | Connection  

Don’t confuse the dreamy soft pink hues of amethyst as a sign that this crystal is just about being looked at, although, we dare you to try and look away. When this beauty is around you will likely feel more balanced, attuned to your highest purpose, safe in your own surroundings and loved. 

The combination of pinks and purples connect your heart chakra to your third eye and crown chakras, letting you find a balance between the physical and spiritual. The heart and head are able to communicate in a way that will bring you to a vibration of love and oneness.

Pink Amethyst’s high frequency and vibrations cleanse the energy of its owner and their surroundings. Connecting you deeper to yourself and improving relationships with others. The beauty of Pink Amethyst lies in it uniqueness, it is one of the only crystals where every piece looks different. From the palest of pinks, to coppers and light purples, Pink Amethyst has a way of blending in with its surroundings, making you ask yourself why you waited so long to add this to your collection. 

These crystals are very rare and are only found in one location world wide, Pategonia, Argentina. It's one of those times where photos just dont do justice to the imense beauty and positive vibrations this crystal holds.

Origin: Brazil
Approximate Size: 1.5kg, 20cm X 5.5cm X 4cm