Purple Amethyst Heart Cluster (Large) - The Soothing Stone by

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Cleanse | Balance | Release

These adorable Amethyst Hearts are a must for any crystal lover. Amplifying the sense of this gems natural zen with a big spoonful of love. Small enough to carry with you, yet with enough presence to display.  Amethys is identified for its stunning purple hue. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers. It is a natural soother and known to relieve stress and anxiety. It helps improve mood, open your intuition and helps connect with the higher guides. It removes negativity and restores balance and flow through the body. Amethyst encourages an end to overindulgence, inducing sobrierty. It is particularly useful to bring a sense of zen into the bedroom.

A great nightstand addition.

Colour : deep purple

Location : Brazil

Intuitively chosen.