Celestite Geode no. 52

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Celestite, with its ethereal blue tones, is revered for its connection to higher realms and spiritual growth. Often considered a celestial crystal, Celestite is believed to facilitate communication with angels and spirit guides, fostering a sense of divine guidance and protection. Spiritually, it is associated with promoting inner peace, clarity of thought, and heightened intuition. By aligning with the throat and crown chakras, Celestite is thought to enhance communication, both earthly and spiritual, encouraging a deeper understanding of one's purpose and path in the universe.

Extra gemmy clear teeth with large rainbow flashes are a nod to her unique pwefection. 

This geode is extremely versatile in its ability to be displayed. She will sit perfectly in our large double sided claw stand, or our 15cm tall claw stand. She will also sit without a stand. 

Weight 2.16Kg

15cm long x 10 cm wide x 9cm deep