Aquamarine Specimen 2grs

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Introducing our Premium Aquamarine Specimens:

Discover the timeless elegance of Aquamarine with our collection of exquisite specimens. These are not just minerals; they are natural wonders hailing from the depths of the Earth, representing Aquamarine in its raw form.

Meticulously chosen for their exceptional color, clarity, and brilliance, each specimen in our collection embodies the essence of this treasured gemstone.

Whether you’re an avid collector, a crystal connoisseur, or someone who appreciates the pure, unadorned beauty of Aquamarine, these specimens are a coveted addition to your assortment.

Known for their purported ability to promote tranquility and mental clarity, they not only serve as captivating decorative pieces but also as tools for personal enrichment.


each specimen weighs approximately 2grams and displays tubular growth patterns. 

Intuitively selected