Amethyst Table Cave No. 555

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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These smaller Amethyst Geode Caves are the perfect addition for any crystal lover who has always wanted the magnetic energy of a cave in their collection, but never had the room. 

Our tabletop cave range was made especially for us with smaller spaces in mind, each geode is loving crafted into a cave by crystal artisans in Brazil. Her energies will not only spark up your space, but other crystals within it. 

Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers. It's a natural soother and known to relieve stress and anxiety, helping to improve your mood, open your intuition and help connect with the higher guides. It removes negativity and restores balance and flow through the body. Known for its calming vibration, it is particularly useful to use in the bedroom to promote sleep, and these smaller sized caves fit perfectly on your bedside table. 

Location : Brazil 

Colour: Purple 

Size: 615 grams, 10cm tall, 6.5cm wide