Larimar rectangle Pendant

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Hand Crafted in the Domincian Republic, this pendant is set in sterling silver, she will be a piece to hold in your collection for a lifetime. 
Larimar, renowned for its mesmerizing blue tones reminiscent of the Caribbean sea, holds a spiritual significance that extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. This stone is often regarded as a symbol of tranquility and spiritual healing. Its association with the throat chakra suggests a connection to effective communication, empowering individuals to express themselves with clarity and authenticity.
Spiritually, Larimar is carries a calming energy, resonating with the soothing essence of ocean waves. It is seen as a tool for releasing emotional attachments and finding inner peace. By wearing or meditating with Larimar, you can seek to attune yourself to the gentle rhythm of the universe, fostering a sense of serenity amidst life's complexities.
Furthermore, the stone assists in connecting with one's spiritual self, encouraging introspection and a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey. It is seen as a guide in navigating emotional waters, helping you navigate challenges and maintain a sense of balance.
In essence, Larimar is not merely a beautiful gem but a conduit for spiritual exploration, providing a pathway to serenity, communication, and self-discovery.

Origin: Dominican Republic 
Material: Sterling Silver
Full Length: 2.5cm x 2cm