AAAA Grade Faceted Clear Quartz Pendant

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Clear quartz is revered for its ability to clear the mind, enhance concentration, and promote spiritual insight. It is often seen as a "master healer" crystal, capable of balancing and aligning the energies within the body. Spiritually, it amplifies the effects of other crystals and aids in channeling and manifestation.
In meditation, clear quartz facilitates a deeper connection with one's inner self and higher spiritual planes. It cleanses negative energies, promotes clarity of thought, and assists in gaining spiritual wisdom. Some practitioners also use clear quartz in rituals to set intentions, as it magnifies and amplifies the power of those intentions.
The crystal's transparent nature symbolises clarity and purity, making it a popular choice for those seeking spiritual insight and heightened awareness. Whether worn as jewellery, placed on the body, or used in meditation practices, clear quartz enhances spiritual experiences and supports a clearer, more focused spiritual journey.

Origin: Brazil
Stone Size: 4cm x 2.5cm
Material: Sterling Silver