Secret Crystal Charms

Wear Your Crystals Incognito

We know that having your favourite crystal on you doesn't have to mean you need to display it for the world to see.

Sometimes you want to keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself. Have that something special that is for your eyes only. This is where the Quartzed Secret Crystal Charms fit in your life.

Designed to fit in your bra, or under clothing. It is the ultimate discreet crystal experience that keeps the energy flowing between you and the higher guides.

Worn with the crystal facing you, so it presses against your skin, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit out of your crystal, while keeping your crystal intentions private

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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$27.50 AUD
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Crystal: Bloodstone

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Our version of the bra clip...only better. Our bespoke, handmade SECRET CRYSTAL CHARMS are the ultimate way to keep your crystals close to your chest, literally. Attached to a magnet strong enough to last your gym session, through your work day and onto evening drinks. Each Crystal bring the wearer... Read More