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Image by Steph Cruz

Motherhood Crystals

Whether you’re a new mum or a mum of grown ups, the sense of commitment and responsibility remains. It’s a delicate balance between self care and care giving. These crystals are all about taking a deep breath, slowing down and soaking in the positive energy that is flowing to you. Each crystal here has a unique meaning that creates a beautiful harmonious flow of love, strength, inspiration, luck and warmth. These are great crystals for you and your little ones too.

Below are some suggested crystals:


Aquamarine: For those times when you are feeling overwhelmed, Aquamarine brings you courage, helping you to find your stride in this new season of life. Folk law describes this beauty as mermaid treasure, a calming and tranquil gift to pass onto a young one fancying herself as a mermaid.


Blue Aragonite and Caribbean Calcite: Calls you to connect with our greatest mother, Mother Nature. Showing each other respect, encouragement and growth. It encourages you to go with the flow and release control.

For children and teenagers, it is a great study tool, and may help them align their thoughts when they are going through difficult times.


Citrine: The sunny disposition of Citrine reminds you that in dark times, not all will remain as it is now. It is light in a crystal, and inspires a positive outlook. It is the stone of self-esteem, strength, prosperity, emotional balance and a continuous attractor of vibrant flow of energy in and around your body, as well as helping support the energy of a family environment at home and at work.


Sodalite: The gemstone of emotional balance and wisdom, it enhances and amplifies self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. It is a wonderful stone to help calm and release anger and frustration. It helps focus and express negative emotions in a healthy and peaceful way and encourages detachment from the worries of everyday life.


Moonstone: The goddess energy of Moonstone links us to the passage of time. It is connected to fertility, growth and flow in life. It balances the lymph system, re-energizes digestion and helps to ease menstural symptoms and may even promote a consistent flow. This flow in life helps you to manage your time and provide in a devine way to the family.


Petrified Wood: Taps into the wisdom that has been passed down through generations. It calls you to connect to your roots, to turn back to nature and connect with divine love flowing all around us.

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