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Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Love Crystals

You may be wanting romance and a relationship, improved self-love, or overall better relationships around you. With the right vibration and energy around you, anything can be attracted to you with ease. 


Below are some suggested crystals:


Rose Quartz: The crystal of unconditional love and well known for its connection to the heart chakra. It carries with it a feminine energy that will help purify your aura, raise vibration and put you in the frequency of connection by unblocking energetic blockages that have been holding you back.

Pink Amethyst: The divine love crystal, radiating high vibrations and alignment. This beautiful stone is one of a kind, connecting you with the frequency of your higher self where all your truths lie. Simultaneously being connected to the crown chakra, which strengthens that connection ​to your guides and the frequency of love and oneness.

Rhodonite: The stone of emotional balance and compassion. It can help balance your energy to allow you to have an open mind and be more receptive to outside conditions that may cause you to close up. It is also a wonderful crystal to promote joy and passion in your life. These 2 qualities are very attractive qualities to face life with to shift the energy around you and make room for higher love.

Pink Calcite: Known as the stone of compassion and kindness, the moment you set eyes on it you will immediately realise the gentle and feminine tones of this pink beauty. Connected to the heart chakra, this crystal is all about calling out your true self, opening your heart to firstly self love and then attracting the connection that you seek.

Green Aventurine: Connected to the heart chakra, this soothing green crystal is all about harmony and new opportunities. It promotes calmness, which is what is needed in order to hear that voice within you that will guide you to making the right choices associated with matters of the heart.

Amazonite: A wonderful crystal for communication, while also being connected to the heart, this uniquely looking crystal is amazing at bridging the throat and heart chakra. If you would like to balance your communication abilities with your expression of love, then soaking up some Amazonite vibes will help you open up in a peaceful, loving manner that is extremely attractive to the outside world and rewarding for the self.




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