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Image by Karly Jones

Crystals for Protection and Good Vibrations

Picking up on lots of low level vibrations lately? Worried that your energetically under attack? Toxic people in your life? Or, are you a very empathetic soul, and need some help to conserve your emotional wellbeing? Whatever it is, using crystals to protect yourself is about keeping what serves you positively, and releasing or not taking on board emotions, vibrations and negative chit chat that lowers your energy down. Using crystals for protection may help you feel more at ease in your own self, help you to unwind and feel more settled in your environment.


Below are some suggested crystals:


Amber: Wearing this crystal may help relieve pain, and provide negative energy protection for people suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies. The essence of amber connects you to mother earth and your wider community.

Amethyst: The tranquillity stone may help you break anxious or addictive thought patterns which are wildly negative overall. In doing so, it shifts you closer to your highest version of yourself. The simple act of encouraging tranquillity in the mind, in itself is an act of protection.

Flourite: May help protect you from EMF radiation. Great to place in a room filled with tech. it has strong guarding qualities, and could possibly protect against people toxicity.

Labradorite: The stone of transformation, may help you move and break away from negative thought patterns into a new way of being.  Labradorite, finds the order in chaotic times, provides protection for empaths, or people who tend to be overworked by re-charging their energies. It protects your heart charka.

Obsidian: Soaking up negative vibrations, this protector may also help you to reveal the truth and cause of the negativity, enabling you to get to the source and eradicate it.


Palo Santo: Burning this add positivity to the space.  Like attracts like,  the additional positivity breads more.


Pyrite: not so much a protector, but an attractor of positivity, good luck and prosperity. Its connection with the sun, focusing on a brighter outlook, reflecting negativity back to the source.

Sage: Used to cleanse your space, removing any old and unwanted vibrations or lingering emotions making way for new pathways  to form.

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