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Feng Shui and Home Crystals

Bring your space peace, harmony and balance with crystals. Revive your space by clearing and shifting the energy and promoting a more harmonious way of living. 


Below are some suggested crystals:

Agate: Great addition to the home to promote balance and harmony, as well as bring about different manifestations that are expressed through different colours. It is primarily used to bring about change and therefore, is ideal if you want to attract particular outcomes in different areas of your life. For example, place in the centre for balance and grounding, in the West for children, and East for family.

Amethyst: When thinking of an energy cleansing and clearing stone, Amethyst should be considered as one of the best. The purple colour is associated with royalty and abundance with a high spiritual vibration and the ability to protect and boost spiritual growth. It deflects negative energy and redirects positive energy into useful areas. Some suggested areas would be in the centre of your home, Northeast, Northwest, West, or Southwest.

Clear Quartz: A crystal used to cleanse, amplify, purify any space; it’s great to be used in any room of your home and in combination with any crystal to amplify its properties. Placing quartz in the living room can promote harmonious energy in the family area. This crystal can be placed in any room, as it promotes clarity and amplifies positive energy and all other crystals around it. It’s a great crystal to add in combination of another to enhance the outcome you want to achieve.

Fluorite: One of the most healing crystals for the home, it absorbs and neutralizes harmful and negative energy where it is placed. In the home, it promotes balance by restoring energetic chaos and bringing about harmony, while amplifying a healthy flow of positive energy. It works well in any space you wish to balance and cleanse.

Onyx: Connects you with your true self. Its purpose is to help protect your personal energy, while dispelling negative energy. As a result it can help promote emotional and physical strength, especially if you’re coping with stress, grief and indecisiveness. It is also great to enhance self-confidence. Suggested areas to place Onyx can be but not limited to North, East, South East and North East.

Rose Quartz: The beautiful energy of the pink rose, famous for promoting love, peace and happiness. Its calming and soothing energy can invite a new relationship, enhance an existing relationship, and bring about self-love, compassion and heart healing. Place in the Southwest corner of the room (Love and Marriage area), or in the centre of your home to symbolise the heart, as well as in the bedroom.

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