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Image by Shashi Ch

Crystals to use during Meditation

Holding a crystal during meditation can help to clear the mind, focus, and elevate your whole experience, while keeping you grounded at the same time.


Below are some suggested crystals:


Crystal Caves: Great for a focused meditation. Staring intently  into the depth of a cave or a piece of druzy bring a sense of peace in the present moment, slowing down the inner dialogue and promoting connectedness. Choose a crystal that promotes peace like Amethyst, or something with beautiful patterning like Blue Lace Agate.

Crystal Grids: Grids are not just a fun way to display your crystals, they are a way to connect your crystals to each other for maximum benefit.

Crystal Healing: Placing crystals on your body while lying down allows the body’s energy centres, Chakras, to connect with and balance their energetic and vibrational flow. Try using our chakra pack to begin.

Palm Stones: One of the best meditation tools for beginners. They bring the meditation out of the mind into the physical body. Giving you something tangible to focus on. Use the energy of the crystal to guide you through your time.

Points and Obelisks: Direct the point in the direction you would like the energy of the crystal to flow. Facing up to encourage the flow of energy up, point into you to absorb the energy, away from you to direct energy away.


Spheres or Zen Meditation balls: Rolling two similar sized spheres in your hand can help to clear the mind of any circulating thoughts. Bringing the focus back into the body. Particular useful if you are experiencing stress or anxiety.

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