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Image by Magic Bowls

Calming crystals for Anxiety and Stress 


When life throws you lemons make lemonade? Sometimes, your thoughts and feelings are far too real to apply a slogan, and hope it will all disappear. We are not promising any magical cures, yet shaving a few moments out of your day to sit with your thoughts, and your crystals of course, may help reduce these sometimes chronic overwhelming feelings that are so common in our crazy world right now. 


Below are some suggested crystals:


Amethyst: This tranquillity stone encourages you to create a sense of peace and clam by connecting you to your higher self. It eases worry and helps to induce peaceful and deep sleep where all your healing functions take place in the body. 


Apophyllite: Known to raise your spirits, this stone will energise your entire being and uplift your spirits. Their energy is easily absorbed by the owner. Choose a colour to work with a particular chakra and encourage greater self-expression. 


Blue Lace Agate: Helpful to connect you to your centre of communication allowing for greater self expression, and helping you to put your feelings and emotions into words or a space where healing can begin. 


Blue or Turquoise Aragonite: Connects you to earth and encourages a “go with the flow” approach. It is helpful to release feelings of control, or lack thereof. 


Caribbean Calcite: there is nothing that a trip to the sea can’t fix, and if you can’t get there, then this stone brings the sea to you. Like changing tides, our emotions to change. Caribbean Calcite reminds you that nothing is forever, and this too shall pass.


Citrine: The stone of light, it does just that focusing on light in dark times. The outlook is positive, and you are able to revitalise the mind.  It helps to lift tension from the body and dispel it back to nature. 


Clear Quartz: Utilise the power and amplification of this stone to encourage personal goals and shift your focus to the potential of today. It is a great stone to wake up with and start your day in a space of encouragement. 


Rhodonite: This Crystal has an overriding calming energy and may help to easy the scars from emotional and physical traumas and shock. By calling you to release feelings of panic, it in turn may help to reduce anxiety levels over time. 


Rose Quartz: This stone typically associated with love is essential to any stress or anxiety kit. The frequency help you feel a sense of peace and love, allowing you to centre on self respect and direct positive affirmations to yourself.  It also helps you view the world around you from a place of compassion.   


Smoky Quartz: The grounding nature of smoky quartz brings you out of your head and into your body with two feet on the ground.  It lifts the veil of negativity by promoting positive action over all. 

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