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Colorful Crystal

The Goodnight Sleep Crystal

You are here because you want to improve your sleep, slow the mind and just relax but you get into bed, your mind is racing, you're tossing and turning, and you can't switch off.


Below are some suggested crystals:


Amethyst: The most popular and well known crystal to aid with sleep, Amethyst's soothing and calming energy is great for use on a bedside table or where you may sleep to purify the energy and balance your vibration to align with sleep.

Celestite: A beautiful soothing tone of blue with a strong presence, this crystal is great to alleviate stress, calm the mind of worries and chitter chatter. When placed in the bedroom, it cleanses the space and balances the energy.

Fluorite: Promoting a more balanced view on life and mental clarity, this crystal will help balance your mind and thoughts bringing with it less mental resistance, that in turn flows to being able to switch off and fall asleep.

Howlite: Carries an energy of peace and calmness, its soothing energy helps sooth stress, anxiety and a busy mind.

Lepidolite: Known to bring harmony and grounding, it promotes emotional and mental balance by reducing distractions, overthinking and negative thoughts. It amplifies rest, sleep and restoring peace within the body.

Moonstone: Known as the sleeping stone, this crystal is great to alleviate stress and calm the mind to aid in stepping into bed feeling more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Selenite: A mineral that will instantly clear your energy and make you feel good, it is great for those times when you feel distracted and out of sorts. Keep a piece of it near your bed or under your pillow for a clean and peaceful night sleep.



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