Secret Crystal Charm

Designer: Quartzed Crystals

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Crystal: Obsidian


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Our version of the bra clip...only better. Our bespoke, handmade SECRET CRYSTAL CHARMS are the ultimate way to keep your crystals close to your chest, literally. Attached to a magnet strong enough to last your gym session, through your work day and onto evening drinks. Each Crystal bring the wearer its individual unique properties. How to use: Attach the crystal to an undergarment, crystal side pressed up against your skin. That’s it! Our favourites include: Black Obsidian- To protect you against those negative vibes. Tiger Eye – Feeling anxious? This charm is for you. It will also encourage success and decision making. Rose Quarts – To fill your world inside and out with love. Amethyst – To encourage self-control, imagination and aid a goodnight sleep. White Howlite – Perfect for an exam or busy work day to strengthen memory. Trouble sleeping? Attach one to your PJ’s. Ruby Fuchsite – To transform destructive energy into positive & helpful ones. Clear Quartz – Will take you from mind full to mindful. Amazonite – To sharpen communication. Presenting or public speaking? This is for you. Red Tiger Eye – Wear to add a little spark in the bedroom. Great to increase motivation. Rhodonite – Stuck in the past? This stone will help you move beyond ex-lovers, emotional stress and balances ying yang energies. Iron Quartz – To boost your energy levels, and clear an overactive mind. Sunstone – Feeling like you are not good enough? Pop one of these on and change that around. Also, wonderful in the winter time to bring warmth to the body. Pink Calcite – To attract new opportunities to learn the concept of universal love. Green Calcite - The healing machine! Particulary good for joint pain, the endocrine system and has a positive inpact on mental health.  Lepidolite - To clean electromaagnetic polution, great for allergies and help get a great night sleep. Pin it to your PJ's.  We make all our SECET CRYSTAL CHARMS to order, so if you are wanting to combat something specific, get in touch – we have a stone for you. They will take 2-3 days to set and be readyfor shipment.