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Image by Gabby Conde

Who We Are

We are Anna and Michelle, 2 besties running a crystal online shop and slowly expanding our Quartzed Community.


We started the business because of our passion for crystals, nature and spirituality. Our vision is not only to offer beautiful stones but to also create a place for our members to have access to meditations, useful articles on all matters relating to spirituality and self-growth, yoga practices and ongoing inspiration.


We ensure that our stones are ethically sourced from all around the world, as well as focus on supporting local wholesalers to support Australian businesses.


Our aim is to bring beautiful, high quality crystals at affordable prices, so anyone who has an interest in crystals can own a collection without breaking the bank. We regularly update our products to keep up with demand and to offer variety.

Since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to expand our product offerings and make our customers' experience even better. We pride our business on providing individualised personal service and are more than happy to connect our customers with the right crystals for them.We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to performing even better.


Our crystal collections are carefully selected. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Quartzed Crystals for yourself.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments or suggestions.

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